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Grow More With Less

Energizing water to reduce costs and consumption while maximizing yield

We are pioneering a new agronomy through water and energy.

UpTerra delivers an agronomy solution that allows operations to grow more with less.  We energize water to its highest energetic state resulting in the reduction of both water and fertilizer usage in the 30-40% range while enhancing yield in the 10-40% range.  These results are based on field implementations on approximately 75 farms and more than 10 crop types.

Who benefits?

High volume irrigation operations use our technology to boost yields and cosmetics, reduce water consumption, and enhance the effectiveness of inputs.

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How it works

Our biomimicry technologies are designed to simulate the natural processes and movements of water flowing out of a fresh mountain spring. Water revitalization promotes remarkable qualities such as reduced surface tension and increased bioavailability, allowing water, nutrients, and other inputs to be delivered to your crops more effectively.

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Our system

Our technologies work together in harmony to improve yields, reduce water consumption, and enhance the effectiveness of agricultural inputs by energizing and imprinting water. Our  farm wellness programs help producers address challenges unique to their farm.

Our premise starts with structuring water, meaning to physically transform water from a random or radiant state to an organized or patterned one.  This is not a new concept as it was discovered over 100 years ago.  When water is structured it becomes more hydrated and becomes capable of receiving and holding information.

High Volume Water Structuring

In-line irrigation device that structures and energizes water

Our inline irrigation device structures and energizes water by electronically imprinting harmonics and remotely adding amendments.

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Farm Health Bio-signaling

Remote Field Activation and Management

Our farm health bio-signaling uses samples from your field to remote broadcast crop and pest management beneficials.

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Welcome To A New Agronomy

Building the new agronomy through water and energy reducing costs and inputs while maximizing yield
Every location is different, but on average we typically see:


reduction in water consumption


reduction in fertilizers


reduction in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides


more yield

Unearthing solutions for water & agriculture

Welcome to the New Agronomy

digital soil amendments

Our proprietary database of digital soil amendments works in harmony with our TerraScribe™ imprinting technology to rapidly rebuild the soil microbiome, ensuring your farm’s long-term viability in the face of climate change.

Field Imprinting

Building on Guido Ebner’s work in Static Electric Fields (SEF), we’re developing technology to modify the morphogenetic field. Benefits include: decreasing germination time, boosting immunity, and improving yield potential.

Integrated Pest Management

A more diverse ecosystem is a healthier ecosystem. By working with natural principles instead of against them, we can help you ensure that more product gets to market with less labor, less time, and lower costs.

We are the living solution that promises to create the space for both the farmer and the land to thrive.

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