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Technology by Nature

Bridging the gap between the ecological and technological

From inception, our mission has been to realign agricultural technologies with nature through the power of water. We do this through innovative irrigation hardware that helps farmers reduce water consumption, and remote field management solutions that minimize chemical inputs – stimulating the growth and health of the farm ecosystem at the sub-atomic level.

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How UpTerra’s Technology Works

Our biomimicry technologies are designed to simulate the natural processes and movements of water, modifying its molecular structure to work better for your farm and your crops.

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The TerraPlex Process™

The TerraPlex™ 3-step process is a symphony of technologies designed to work in concert to reduce water consumption, increase yields, and minimize reliance on chemical inputs by structuring and imprinting water.


Inline Water Structuring Hardware

The TerraFlow™ utilizes bio-geometric and magnetohydrodynamic principles to structure your water for maximum hydration, energetic potential, and bioavailability of minerals.

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Frequency Imprinting Device

Our TerraScribe™ technology imprints nutritional, health, and other beneficial information signatures into the water to revitalize what’s already present in the soil.

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Quantum Environmental Conditioner

Our TerraCell™ technology samples biometric signatures of pests and pathogens present in the field, and then remotely broadcasts signals to keep them at bay.

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Agriculture Redefined

Restoring balance to your farmland without the use of chemicals


reduction in crop water consumption


reduction in fertilizers


reduction in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides


more yield

Unearthing solutions for water & agriculture

Welcome to the New Agronomy

digital soil amendments

Our proprietary database of digital soil amendments works in harmony with our TerraScribe™ imprinting technology to rapidly rebuild the soil microbiome, ensuring your farm’s long-term viability in the face of climate change.

Field Imprinting

Building on Guido Ebner’s work in Static Electric Fields (SEF), we’re developing technology to modify the morphogenetic field. Benefits include: decreasing germination time, boosting immunity, and improving yield potential.

Integrated Pest Management

A more diverse ecosystem is a healthier ecosystem. By working with natural principles instead of against them, we can help you ensure that more product gets to market with less labor, less time, and lower costs.

We are the living solution that promises to create the space for both the farmer and the land to thrive.

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