Give your
farm the
best water

We optimize

to make it more hydrating

for improved

and animal

with fewer
inputs needed.

Monitoring results and adapting

to improve your farm’s wellness.

The UpTerra System

Whether you farm conventional, organic, or regenerative agriculture, crops, poultry, or livestock, the UpTerra System can increase efficiency, reduce input costs and maximize productivity. It uses water and energetic frequencies delivered through three components that work together to improve your farm’s wellness.


Our Flow Device turns your irrigation source into structured water, which is more hydrating and energizing for crops and animals.


Electronic Coils imprint UpTerra Water with specific frequencies and harmonics to further enhance plant and animal growth and wellness.


Our TerraNet™ service remotely transmits specific energetic frequencies to your farm in the form of digital amendments and inputs, delivering specific wellness benefits and deterring pests.


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UpTerra offers a low-cost subscription-based service that delivers whole-farm wellness solutions. Customize your crop production strategy with 150 digital crop input and soil amendment options, improve water quality, reduce pest populations, enhance soil and plant health and increase animal well-being with the UpTerra System. With an UpTerra subscription, you increase profits while improving farm health for future generations.