Technology By Nature

Our Hope For The Future

A healthy thriving land is one that works with nature. By combining modern innovative technology with time-tested biomimicry principles, UpTerra is bringing scalable solutions for agriculture and the planet through the power of water and resonance.

The overall health of our world is the most important mission we face today. We need better solutions now. Our team holds an unwavering commitment to stand up to that challenge and provide viable solutions.


Meet your UpTerra teammates

Parker Christian

David DeJohn

Josh Caswell

Tugso Damdin

Jill Devlin

Reza Givsan

Gage Powell

Steve Seto

Chelsea Supawit

Stacey Tickner

Barry Wiggins

Roland Vandermeer

We are the living solution that promises to create the space for both the farmer and the land to thrive.

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