Our Story

Our Hope For the Future

Healthy thriving farms in harmony with nature. Dense, rich soil full of nutrients.

UpTerra is doing its part by creating solutions at the intersection of technology, physics and nature, and delivering them through water, frequency, and vibration.

Maintaining our world’s health is the most critical mission we face today. We are committed to delivering solutions that work for all farms now. Our team holds an unwavering commitment to stand up to that challenge and succeed in partnership with farmers all over the world.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of farmers, agronomists, technologists, and farming enthusiasts that come to work every day to create the next generation of farming.  We are grateful for a company culture that cares about the land, soil, crops, and our farming partners and is guided by nature’s values in our work. We want to help make your farming experience much more in harmony with nature.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Reza Givsan, Co-Founder/CTO

I have always been fascinated by the mystery of life and the natural world. This natural curiosity has connected me with some of the most miraculous and profound teachers. I found that we all hold essential knowledge in the form of experience in the field of expressed form. I specialized in that particular knowledge base; hence my journey begins with a holistic approach to bridging the various experiences and foundational truths from which we and nature operate. My truth was a curiosity to find the link that connects us to all things.

For the past 15 years, I have observed the nature of water when interacting with frequency, vibration, and energy. Frequency in the forms of musical structure and analysis, vibration in the forms of various resonant effects, and energy in the form of information and energized fields of expression. Hence, we have discovered that which has always been known to us all: consciousness imbues the universe as an ever-connecting power/force in which we play a grand role.

This background delivered me to found and be the CTO for UpTerra, designing technology to solve water problems associated with large-scale farms across the United States. I intend to unlock nature’s role in the distribution and energetic states in which resources are produced alchemically on our planet. Technology based on resonance allows us to create a new form of abundance that does not have the high cost for a further stake in our development.

Roland Vandermeer, Executive chairman

My 20 years of experience in early-stage startup investing, including taking operational roles when needed, gave me hands-on experience in building the strategies and teams to manage and grow UpTerra. I was instrumental in helping sustainable and organic farming practices manage vast regenerative agricultural assets through companies I had invested in. Some of the most important lessons I have learned came from the failures and successes I have experienced along this journey. This knowledge enabled me to recognize how pivotal UpTerra could be to creating a scalable solution for agriculture that would thrive in harmony with nature. I recognized the personal alignment of UpTerra and decided to help bring this remarkable technology to the farming community to help solve the critical issues they have today.

UpTerra has all the markings to create a new agricultural paradigm. I have arrived exactly where I want and am supposed to be.

Michael Solomon, ceo

I worked in technology as an executive, venture capitalist, entrepreneur and board member starting in my 20’s and early 30’s when my company set up Apple’s initial dealer distribution in and around Ohio. I started three companies, worked in several, sat on 25 boards, contributed to all of them, and saw some fail and some succeed beyond my wildest expectations.

During Covid, I received a Masters of Intuition Medicine degree from the Academy of Intuition Medicine to expand my knowledge of life. I recognized in UpTerra that my studies around energy were being applied to a commercial venture where I could leverage a lifetime of learning and love for building companies from the ground up. I fell in love with farming after marrying into a successful California farming family . So, I decided to roll up my sleeves and be part of the UpTerra team for one simple reason: what UpTerra means to the world is too important not to do it.