Our Hope for
the Future

Our team is committed to developing agricultural solutions that contribute to a healthier planet while increasing farm profitability. UpTerra envisions a food system that works harmoniously with nature to overcome modern agriculture’s most critical challenges. We partner with farmers like you to make our vision a reality.

It All Starts
with Water

We deliver crop and animal wellness, increased farm profitability and reduced water and input consumption to your farm. 

We optimize

to make it more

for improved

and animal

with fewer
inputs needed.

Monitoring results and adapting

to improve your farm’s wellness.

Words we live by

UpTerra uses the principles of biomimicry, coherence, cumulative effect, resonance, and wellness as the foundation for our work. We believe that by tapping into nature’s power, we can build a more interconnected agricultural ecosystem that promotes higher efficiency, conserves resources, and preserves a farm’s legacy.


Biomimicry involves studying biological systems, processes, and structures to create innovative and sustainable technologies that draw inspiration from nature. The field of biomimicry has immense potential to revolutionize industries and contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.


Coherence reflects the intricate interconnectedness and balance observed in the natural world, contributing to its stability and functionality. Coherence is evident in ecosystems, weather patterns, and biological processes from the cellular level to complex physiological systems.

Cumulative effect

Cumulative effect refers to the accumulation or build-up of something, good or bad, over time, resulting in a larger or more significant impact. This term is often used to describe the long-term consequences or outcomes of repeated actions or exposures.


Resonance refers to the phenomenon where an object or system vibrates at its natural frequency when exposed to external vibrations or forces. This can occur when there is a match between the frequency of the external force and the natural frequency of the object or system.


Wellness promotes the systemic health and welfare of plants, animals, and soil and supports the physical and mental well-being of humans. It is a principle that considers an entire ecosystem; everything is interconnected and benefits together. Wellness across an ecosystem provides greater efficiency, resource preservation, higher productivity, better quality, and longevity.

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

The UpTerra System is based on the laws of nature and inspired by the brilliant discoveries of those who came before us. We are proud to build on those well-established foundations as we explore how water, energy, and vibration can be applied to solve modern global challenges.