Indoor Cannabis Case Study


  • Grams of flower/per plant increased an average of 20% (12.7 g)
  • Grams of biomass/per plant increased an average of 23% (32 g)
  • Potency increased 5.0% overall on average
  • Terpenes increased 16.1% overall on average

Trial Overview

Three greenhouse trials were run to compare the effects of watering cannabis with structured water generated from UpTerra’s TerraScribe to standard greenhouse water. Each trial consisted of more than 450 plants of the same strain, grown in the same bay and under the same lighting and environmental conditions. Structured water was used on half the plants at all stages of their development as the treatment and standard water on the other half as the control. The treatment and control plants were harvested, dried and trimmed using the same techniques. Additionally, potency and terpenes were measured from two of the trials.