Cannabis: 43% Increase in Flower Biomass

Oct 25, 2023


Location: Arizona

Set up: Indoor split water application

Flow Device: 2-Inch

Goal(s): Higher yield; flower biomass

Trial Results:

  • Flower weight (grams) increase up to 43%
  • Biomass weight (grams) increase up to 37.1%


    • All four trials were conducted by a third-party grower using robust data collection and testing protocols.
    • Growing practices were the same throughout each trial, with the UpTerra System as the only treatment intervention.
    • Trials 1, 3, and 4 had comparable plant counts. Trial 2 had a higher number of plants on the control side (250) compared to the treatment(230). Data was analyzed on a per-plant basis to account for plant count differences in Trials 3 and 4.  The trials measured flower mass, trim mass, and total biomass. Additionally, the grower provided potency and terpene measurements in Trials 2 and 3. 



    Flower Mass 

    An increase in flower mass (grams per plant) was observed in all four trials. Trial 4 produced the highest increase of 43%.


    There were observed increases in plant biomass (grams per plant) on UpTerra-treated plants, with trial 2 having the highest increase of 37.1%.


    The results indicate that the UpTerra System had a positive effect on yield, plant development, and chemical characteristics. Each of the four trials saw an increase in flower mass as well as total biomass. Since growing practices were the same for both treatment and control and differences were observed across four different strains, the data team concluded that there was a notable effect of the UpTerra System on production for this product evaluation.