Cotton Production Case Study 1


  • Increased Lint Yield by +30%
  • Increased Fiber Quality

Detailed Findings

Trial Description: Three pivots within a five-mile radius were tested in Oklahoma. Two pivots had TerraScribe™ units installed while the third was left as a control. All three were planted with PHY 350 WFE within 48 hours and managed similarly.

Yields Increased with TerraScribe over 30%: Seed cotton yields increased 33.7% and lint yields increased 32.0% with turnouts between 35.5 to 35.9%.

Fiber Quality Increased: Fiber length increased 3.6% to 1.21 inches in the treatment while Micronaire increase 2.3% to 35.7. Slight increases in Strength and Uniformity.

Other Findings

Notable resilience against premature senescence in treatment fields compared to previous years.

Shortened internode lengths in treatment fields.