Flow Device

What is UpTerra Water, and how is it different from my current irrigation water?

The UpTerra Water System mimics nature, specifically, the interaction of rainfall with the atmosphere. It increases hydration and charge compared to typical irrigation water from a well, aquifer or other water supply. Optimized UpTerra Water enables you to use less water while increasing farm productivity.

How long does UpTerra Water stay structured?

UpTerra Water stays structured after exiting our Flow Device, running through pipes and arriving at plants or animals.

All water (rainwater, mineral stream water and even structured water) will lose its structure if it sits stagnant or has prolonged exposure to UV light. Typically, water will have little to no structure if it sits idle for more than 24 hours or travels in pipes for more than a mile.

Does the UpTerra System help with high-salinity water?

Farmers using the UpTerra System are experiencing boosted crop output and performance, eliminating or significantly reducing the need for gypsum or other amendments traditionally used to combat salinity-related problems.

The UpTerra System structures water, which enables microclustering. This process dissolves the salt uniformly, allowing more efficient metabolism by soil microorganisms.

Does the UpTerra System purify or filter water?

The UpTerra System is not a water filtration system; however, the structured nature of UpTerra Water reduces binding between metals to descale clogged irrigation pipes.

Does the UpTerra System improve soil infiltration and permeability?

UpTerra Water structured with the Flow Device contains smaller clusters of water molecules (microclusters), which decrease the surface tension of water. Lower surface tension increases water’s soil permeability and absorption. Test fields treated with our technology have shown up to a 30% reduction in the water required to properly irrigate a field, indicating improved soil permeability and absorption.

How is UpTerra Water different from ionized water?

UpTerra Water and ionized water are different concepts, each associated with specific health benefits, but they operate on different principles.

The UpTerra System organizes water’s molecular structure and enriches it with specific frequencies. Our System mimics natural processes to deliver more hydrating water.

Ionized water is chemically manipulated through the ionization process, resulting in water with altered pH levels. During ionization, water is separated into alkaline and acidic components through electrolysis.

Electronic Coils

What do you mean when you say you imprint water with harmonics?

A harmonic is one note on a scale from a defined fundamental frequency. The harmonics we broadcast are sets of tones or frequencies in a harmonic sequence or scale that represent a given digital amendment.

What is the difference between imprinting frequencies into the water vs. transmitting through TerraNet™?

Water imprinting via the Electronic Coils attached to the Flow Device uses known beneficial harmonics and frequencies like “The Schumann resonance” or other fundamental frequencies.

Think of TerraNet as a radio broadcasting tower transmitting a library of digital amendment signatures instead of songs on the radio. TerraNet broadcasts these digital amendment signatures to supplement the general wellness frequencies imprinted by the Electronic Coils.


Is TerraNet™ safe for humans?

UpTerra transmits amendments at very low radio frequencies. This low-frequency transmission makes them safe for humans and animals.

How does the signal get from UpTerra headquarters to my farm?

UpTerra uses field boundary or farm operation GPS coordinates to “dial-up” specific locations to send your UpTerra Wellness frequencies from our proprietary transmission system at UpTerra headquarters.

When you say you have elements of nature and turn them into amendments and inputs, what does that mean?

UpTerra has created a library of more than 150 digital amendments and inputs, including soil nutrients (nitrogen, zinc, phosphorus and more), microorganisms, plant growth regulators, biostimulants, and more. Our digital amendments and inputs are beneficial for row crop, livestock and poultry production systems and reduce your reliance on costly physical inputs.

All elements in nature have a unique frequency signature. Using a precise alchemical process, UpTerra distills natural elements to their core essence and identifies and digitizes those unique bio-frequencies. Once digitized, these core elements can be transmitted to your farm via our proprietary transmission system.


What is the expected ROI potential of the UpTerra System?

While every farm and situation differs, our customers have reported that ROI is anywhere from 2-3x the cost of the system in the first year, with an increasing trendline over time. See more field results.

What is required to install and maintain the UpTerra System?

The average PVC installation takes about 2 hours (for 1-3” pipes). You will need a torque wrench, saw, or similar cutting device to cut PVC pipe.

The average galvanized or metal pipe installation takes 3 hours (for 4” pipes and up). You will need a cutting torch, a welder and a torque wrench. View our installation guide for more specific details.

Once installed, your UpTerra System has virtually no maintenance other than ensuring the electrical connection to the Electronic Coils is functioning. We recommend blowing or draining your system before the first frost for colder climates with winter freeze.