A New Era of Agronomy


Reconnecting farming with nature’s native intelligence

Harnessing the power of nature to bring harmony to modern agriculture.

Plants are living and breathing beings, and are innately equipped to receive and respond to information from their natural environments. Unfortunately, soil & plant health have become casualties in industrial agriculture’s quest to maximize yield potential. To face this challenge, UpTerra has developed a system in harmony with nature, that connects modern agricultural practices with the innate intelligence of plants.

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Why UpTerra?

For decades, large agribusiness companies have widely promoted synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, which have stripped soil of its nutrients, robbed food of taste and nutrition, and driven farming costs constantly higher. At the same time, worsening water shortages have contributed to rising crop production costs and less arable land for farmers.

UpTerra’s technology reduces consumption, lowers production costs and increases yield while restoring soil health so that farmers can harvest crops with more nutrients, flavor and vitality.

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Grow More With Less.

Our results have included:


reduction in water consumption


reduction in fertilizers


reduction in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides


more yield

Unearthing solutions for water & agriculture

Welcome to the New Agronomy

digital soil amendments

Our proprietary database of digital soil amendments works in harmony with our TerraScribe™ imprinting technology to rapidly rebuild the soil microbiome, ensuring your farm’s long-term viability in the face of climate change.

Field Imprinting

Building on Guido Ebner’s work in Static Electric Fields (SEF), we’re developing technology to modify the morphogenetic field. Benefits include: decreasing germination time, boosting immunity, and improving yield potential.

Integrated Pest Management

A more diverse ecosystem is a healthier ecosystem. By working with natural principles instead of against them, we can help you ensure that more product gets to market with less labor, less time, and lower costs.

We are the living solution that promises to create the space for both the farmer and the land to thrive.

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