We are living in unprecedented times, at least as far as we know it. Our systems need revitalizing, yearning for something new, something better, something more aligned with life and nature, to emerge from the challenges. The time is now to bring our gifts and efforts to the opportunities at hand.

At UpTerra we are bringing to market solutions that align with nature. Structuring water as nature does and infusing it with natural frequencies that encourage life to thrive. We believe that farming can be done in harmony with nature, improving the health and productivity of the land over time, without having to rely solely on chemicals that find their way into our soils, our food, our waters, our air, and our bodies. We endeavor to have crops that thrive on the natural cycles of production leaving a healthy soil microbiome. In this way, we are supporting farm productivity so it can last eons, providing stronger global immune responses and ecosystems that flourish in complexity and beauty.

Will you join us in our cause, deploying new technologies and approaches to the challenges we face today? Cutting production costs while improving soil and plant health and profitability. We believe we can help improve farming through the water which will nourish generations to come. We do this by encouraging a thriving biodiversity with deeper roots in a richer, moist, living soil, filled with microbial life that’s balanced and that sequesters carbon and retains rain water.

We invite you to choose a better way, a new way rooted in ancient traditions and modern, scientific, and resonance-based principles providing a more sustainable and profitable way of farming. We are honored to be able to share common goals and interests as well as achieve our grand goal of structuring the world’s water, one farm at a time! We invite you to work with UpTerra.

Thank you for saying YES!

With Love & Gratitude,

The UpTerrans

We are the living solution that promises to create the space for both the farmer and the land to thrive.

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