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Designed to simulate the natural processes and movements of water

Our biomimicry technologies are designed to simulate the natural processes that occur as water percolates up from the ground out of a mountain spring and flows through wild watercourses like rivers and streams. These technologies change the molecular properties of water and its constituent elements to improve water retention in your soil and hydration in your crops, resulting in a substantial decrease in water usage, soil salinity, mineral buildup and pooling.

Terrascribe Plus+™

30% water and input reduction




The TerraScribe Plus + vortexes and coheres water to bring charge to the molecules. This optimizes the bond angles and thus reduces surface tension which then enables micro-clustering of the water molecules.

Simultaneously, the water is imprinted with beneficial biochemical signals based on harmonics known to mimic existing fertilizers and soil amendments. This revitalizes what is already present in the soil and increases the effectiveness of physical nutrients, requiring less inputs over time.


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30%+ fertilizer reduction

TerraScribe your crop quality and yields will increase while reducing your costs.



UpTerra energizes the TerraFlow structured water with beneficial biometric frequency signatures based on natural fertilizer and soil amendments that resonate harmoniously with the field.


Upterra TerraScribe

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30%+ reduction in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

UpTerra’s remote field management service captures the biometric signatures of your farm to boost yields and deter pests wirelessly through frequency transmission.



We collect soil, tissue, and pest samples to remotely manage and broadcast unique programs tailored to your fields that promote optimal conditions for your crops to thrive.

Every soil, tissue, and pest has unique biometric identifiers that can be mapped , programmed into your TerraCell service and transmitted to enhance overall farm health.

Upterra Terracell

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