Soybean Production Case Study


  • Yield Increased 15 bu/ac
  • Higher Chlorophyll Index
  • Faster decomposition of stubble

Detailed Findings

Trial Description: Two pivots were double cropped into triticale stubble with AG56X8 soybean. One pivot had an 8″ vertical TerraScribe unit installed (treatment) while the other was left as a control. Approximately ¼ of the treatment pivot was re-planted due to ponding from heavy rains after germination. No fertilizer was applied to treatment or control.

Yields increased 36.8%: Soybean yields increased by 15 bu from 40.9 bu/ac in the control to 55.9 bu/ac in the treatment.

Modified Chlorophyll Adsorption Index values 33% higher: MCARIT values averaged 0.631 in treatment and 0.474 in control giving a 33% increase. (NDVI is the standard vegetative index, but tends to saturate in dense canopies. MCARIutilizes the NIR band and is more sensitive to leaf and canopy structure.)

Other Findings

Visually, triticale stubble decomposed faster in the treatment field than the control.