We see water

After an invigorating rain, farm fields look more vibrant and resilient compared to when watered with irrigation.

The disparity in plant response to different water sources lies in the water’s organization and coherence.

These microscopic images of (01) ordinary tap water, (02) UpTerra organized water, and (03) UpTerra energized water show how the Flow Device and Electronic Coils work separately and together to transform ordinary irrigation water into UpTerra Water that is more hydrating for plants and animals.

Transforming water to its optimum state, fully aligned and bioavailable. UpTerra Water has two distinct benefits compared to typical water.

  • The water delivers more hydration and, therefore, wellness. UpTerra Water is more bioavailable for crop and animal uptake. The result is more vigorous plant growth and less animal inflammation and disease.

  • The water functions as a conductor to deliver information. UpTerra Water transports energetic frequencies to plants and animals to further stimulate healthy growth and development.

Flow Device

When water interacts with the atmosphere, friction, vortexing, and turbulence organize water into a coherent state. Our Flow Device mimics these natural movements, similar to water moving in a stream, to make ordinary irrigation and tap water more organized and coherent. This results in micro-clustered water that is more easily absorbed by cells and, thus, more hydrating.

Electronic Coils

Research studies have shown the positive effect that musical vibrations have on plant growth and development. The Electronic Coils of the UpTerra System create similar beneficial energy for plants and animals.

As the water is organized into a coherent state with the Flow Device, UpTerra’s Electronic Coils imprint it with beneficial biochemical signals (harmonics), like playing music for plants.

The result is improved plant, animal and soil wellness. Plants need less water to achieve adequate hydration and grow more consistently and uniformly, increasing yield. Animals are more well-hydrated, reducing inflammation and disease. Soil is revitalized, reducing reliance on physical inputs over time.


Inputs and Amendments

All elements in nature have a unique frequency signature. Using a precise alchemical process, UpTerra distills natural elements to their core essence to identify and digitize those unique bio-frequencies.

UpTerra has created a library of more than 150 digital amendments and inputs, including soil nutrients and microorganisms, plant growth regulators, biostimulants, and more. Our digital amendments and inputs are beneficial for row crop, livestock, and poultry production systems and reduce your reliance on costly physical inputs.

TerraNet™ Programs

UpTerra has formulated custom digital health programs for crops, livestock, and poultry delivered in a comprehensive program based on your farm objectives and needs.

  • General Wellness programs offer a bundle of 9+ digital amendments critical to healthy plant and animal growth and development.
  • Advanced Wellness offers additional preventative wellness benefits beyond the General Wellness program.
  • Custom Specialty programs offer preventative treatment of specific, acute issues not addressed in the Advanced Wellness program. For example, pest deterrence in crops, poultry and livestock.
  • Intensive Care programs are used when timely in-season action is necessary to address an agronomic issue. For example, the onset of plant diseases, including sudden death syndrome in soybeans. 

Digital Transmission

UpTerra’s digital amendments and inputs are transmitted to farms using very low radio frequencies. GPS coordinates and satellite imagery provide the specific target area for the frequencies; therefore, we identify your boundaries for customized treatment areas. Using our TerraNet™ programs, we send specific energetic frequencies to increase soil nutrients, improve plant or animal health, or mitigate specific pests.